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We strive to carry only the best frame and lens options for our patients.  Our team spends countless hours designing and updating our eyewear gallery.  We pride ourselves on having the most intriguing eyewear options in all of Northwest Arkansas.  Check out a few of our brands below.


To experience DITA is to experience genuine luxury

DITA’s commitment to craftsmanship is just one example of how we hold true to the time-honored belief that there are no shortcuts to quality. Like samurai swordsmiths from a bygone era, our master craftsmen have dedicated as many as 50 years to perfecting their crafts. These modern day masters bring our innovative designs to life by transforming the finest acetates and metals into eyewear of incomparable beauty, quality and style.

Luxury is a word so overused in recent years as to have been rendered virtually meaningless. DITA is one of the few remaining eyewear brands that delivers on genuine luxury’s promise of inspired designs, extraordinary materials, exceptional craftsmanship and exclusivity. To experience DITA is to experience genuine luxury.

Creating a single DITA frame can take as many as 320 separate productions steps over 8 months. Our manufacturing process delicately balances traditional and modern production techniques and technologies carefully selected at each stage to generate the best result. A perfect example of DITA’s uncompromising production philosophy is the way in which we polish our acetate frames.

Unlike brands that commercially process massive quantities of acetate frames as quickly and cheaply as possible, we prefer to slowly tumble our acetate frames in genuine, hand-cut bamboo chips of varying shapes and sizes. In addition to utilizing a renewable resource, our traditional bamboo polishing process results in a deeper, richer, higher quality finish that you’ll immediately see and feel the moment you hold a DITA frame in your hands.


BLAC is the world’s first adjustable carbon fiber frame, with the patent to prove it.
BLAC is revolutionary designer eyewear made from carbon fiber reinforced with titanium. All of the frames are lightweight, but yet very strong. BLAC is designed and handmade exclusively by our own production team in the Bellinger House in Risskov, Denmark.

The story of BLAC

The story begins with designer Claus Bellinger and his fascination of McLaren’s carbon-composite MP4-1 body, which rocked the Formula 1 World at Silverstone in 1981. The MP4-1 was the first full carbon Formula 1 body, designed as a molding, rather than the traditional series of flat aluminum panels mechanically fixed together. The reward for challenging conventional thinking was a gigantic leap in strength and sturdiness that would revolutionize racing car design. The characteristics of the carbon fiber and fiberglass composite are its unique woven surface – an unusual lightness combined with great strength.


With an eye to the future, David and his team are proud to present the first ever dedicated David Spencer Eyewear collection. Each frame in the collection is hand-designed, starting with sketches and color concepts that David personally draws and then directs and oversees during production. Made in Japan, each frame represents a completed design a lifetime in the making.


Entourage of 7 is luxury eyewear based in Los Angeles and
influenced by the city in which it originates. In the City of Angels
– an ever-changing multicultural melting pot, we find joy in
pushing forward, constantly reminding ourselves to always
be courageously creative. We aim to design beautiful spectacles
for our rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach
– the birthplace of Entourage of 7.


Upholding the highest standard of excellence, OVVO Optics has been creating high performance, technologically advanced eyewear since 1980. Family owned and hand-crafted from our facility in Poland, OVVO frames undergo 85 steps of meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring every pair meets the rigorous demands of the modern customer.
We utilize the highest grade materials then implement patented technology to create advanced innovation across all OVVO Optics Collections. This passion for precision and performance is evident in the sophisticated design, optimum reliability and lightweight comfort of every frame.

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